My life


    Began still very much, very much for a long time... when there was no neither substances, nor a time, spaces. All has suddenly appeared... more precisely the germ, which sizes compare to the sizes of a nuclear nucleus, and it is 10-15 meters. Occurrence of this germ also has served as the beginning of explosion since the density of him was huge...

    After explosion elementary particles, atoms, molecules, substance were formed. Further the substance began to get weight, gravitation and began to draw to itself other substance so congestions were formed, galaxies, stars and planets...

    And in constellation of Deva, a galaxy the Milky Way, Solar system, on a planet the Earth arises life... There Are cells, but for life by him it was necessary to cooperate, since one ate oxygen, and others carbonic gas. In result there are metaphytes, then seaweed, corals, jellyfishes, worms, fishes, reptiles, animals and at last the person...

    Passes a lot of time, and on the Earth (If to be more exact than 29o12' e.l. 53o02' n.b.) was born I, also name me Alexander and Bondarenko surname. There is it in one year of the accident which have brought strong pollution.

    Also I study at school, and I finish her, and more about school words, there are no at me pleasant memoirs connected with it, except for one, has won Olympiad on computer science among schools of city. In the award for the first place has received the book "Special computer science" which brings the contribution to formation of my opinion on computers. Further I act in technical school. I teach all that did not teach at school. At this time also there is at me "adaptation" on which the given text is printed, i.e. computer. Here all sides of my opportunities also open. I also understand, that I the creative person and without creation as...

    And the first in what I show the talents, it is the 3D-graphics since here it is possible to create all that would be desirable in life, but there are no opportunities. I study 3DSMAX, further I try to make images in WinAmp. Then I study Delphi. As soon as I understand a principle of programming then I understand, that this mine. Also I decide to devote to this all life. Programming in Delphi, I shall come across on OpenGL. And again there is an enthusiasm 3D-graphics. But since examples in the Internet I find only on VC ++, to have to study and it...

    Also I embody the ideas in life, I make game "Fifteen" which allows combine any graphic documents, I teach this a computer.

    Somehow time I look at a stereopicture and I think, and as all the same it is arranged, thought neither a little nor for a long time, but for three days has written the program for creation of stereopictures which used at creation of galleries of the given site.

    There is an idea to make the virtual environment as a museum (well it after Discovery), here and laborious work in Delphi begins. I notice, that OpenGL's applications on Delphi basically turned out not sizable since did not use forms. But less 9kb to make it is not possible. Here race after the size also began. Has found out about Assembler but since has got used to Windows it was necessary to search MASM32, allowing to create applications under Windows the minimal sizes. On MASM I write game "Labyrinth", process borrows about 3 months, for that results amaze.

    At leisure I like to read "X-files", at me their whole library, and with arrival of the Internet has collected almost all series.

    Favourite films: "Matrix" (not for special effects, and for a subject), "K-pax" and "Amelie".

    Somehow from there is nothing to do has decided study Photo-Paint, there was an interesting piece. As see, on a photo I with Sandra Bullock.


    At present I try to act in institute on the programmer, differently I shall go on service to army, and after it I shall try again. (25.08.2005)

    Has already passed hardly more year, I to study distance as programmer at Belarussian State University Computer science and Radiotechnic. In army I have not got, more precisely to me have told: "Go from here the boy" :) . All attempts to issue the book with stereopictures have crowned failure, but I all the same go to the purpose :) . At me has appeared new Idea. I shall already do the following of a stereopicture as a reproduction of Great artists. For the beginning my sight has fallen on Salvador Dali.

    To favourite films one more was added: "Donnie Darko". The last some months have strongly taken a great interest Worms3D, if to whom can interestingly go on one more my project

    For last year I have learned to think widely, now I not so am categorical I treat things. Has put ICQ 346693136, has learned that the friendship happens also virtual. The most important that was for this year, it that I have changed style, began to listen to Electronics, my last photo is lower. (26.09.2006)



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